Ramadan at Masjid Al-Sabereen

Alsalam alaykum brothers and sisters,

Islamic Center Masjid Al-Sabereen as part of Central Pennsylvania Committee of Masajid (CPCOM) is pleased to announce that Tuesday April 13th will be the first day of Ramadan inshaAllah. 

Tonight (Monday, April 12), will be the first Taraweeh prayer.

Local TV channel will be there to cover our Taraweeh tonight Insh'Allah. 

Please do not cause any difficulty to our neighbors when parking. 

If you're leaving early, please park on the street. If you're leaving after the end of the Taraweeh please use the parking lots. 

We are praying outside Insh'Allah, please dress accordingly and do not park your car in the main lot if you arrive early. 

Ramadan Kareem