Hajj 1440


Al-Sabereen Travel in cooperation with Sara International Travel and Cordoba Hajj (25 years experience) invites you to join our group for Hajj this year. Our Hajj is performed according to Sunna.

We have two packages:  


A. Economy Package

- Makkah: Hilton Convention Center (5 star in front of Haram) / July 28 - Aug 2nd
- Madina: Province Al-Sham / Aug 2nd - Aug 6th
- Aziziyah: Room with private bathroom : 3 days before Hajj & 2 days after.
- The VAT and Municipality Fee is included.  


B. Deluxe Package.

- Non Shifting / No Aziziyah
- The VAT & Municipality Fee is not included ($399).


Both Packages Includes

- Round trip airfare & transportation from Masjid Al-Sabereen to the airport
- Open buffet: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 
- Three meals daily during the stay in Mina & Arafat.
- Guided tours in Makkah and Madinah
- Dedicated Hajj coordinator and scholar for guidance throughout the Hajj.
- Dedicated Medical doctor for general assistance.
- Ground staff of locals assisting you throughout the trip.
- Over 5 Hajj seminars online/at the masjid, and a personalized guidebook.
- Prayer rug, ihram (for men), pilgrim’s Hijab (for sisters), backpack, shoe bag, pebble bag, Ihram belt, and personalized ID badges.

Price Excludes Hajj tax ($350) and Zabihah ($150).