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Masjid Al-Sabereen Expansion and Renovation Project

Masjid Al-Sabereen Expansion and Renovation Project

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  Imams at Masjid Al-Sabereen

Here are the Imams at Masjid Al-Sabereen
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    Imam Muhammad Conateh

    Imam Muhammad Conateh comes from Serekunda, Gambia where is started studying Arabic and Quran at the early age of seven. He took residence at the Quran Boarding School for over 9 years until his graduation at age 15. He also attended Sheikh Mahfouz school where he focused on Arabic Grammar, conversation, writing, and Syntax. He then spent two years teaching Quran and Hifz programs. He received “Ijazah” in Hafs’ recitation in 2016 from Sheikh Abu Bakr Suwareh.

    Imam Muhammad moved to Harrisburg Pennsylvania in October 2016 to be with his family. He attended Masjid Al-Sabereen where many congregants loved his recitation and were requesting him to lead prayers regularly. In March 2017, Imam Muhammad took a permanent position at Masjid Al-Sabereen where he now leads daily and Taraweeh prayers as an Imam Rateb. Imam Muhammed is one of the teachers for Al-Sabereen School program, he also gives Tajweed and Quran classes a couple times a week for adults.

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    Imam Faruq Post

    Sheikh Faruq was born and raised in CT  and accepted Islam in the year 2002. After accepting Islam he realized the importance of seeking Islamic knowledge and especially religious knowledge.  After that, he went to Manchester Community College to pursue a degree in Business Administration and Accounting. 

    In 2004 he went Umrah to visit the House of Allah and apply for the Islamic Universities there. After performing Umrah Sheikh Faruq applied at the Islamic Universities in Saudia Arabia. After returning home from Umrah he patiently waited to see if he was going to be accepted, and by the grace of Allah, Sheikh Faruq got accepted to Umm al Qura University in Makkah.


    in 2004 Sheikh Faruq departed to Saudia Arabia to start his journey in pursuit of Islamic knowledge and entered the Arabic Language Institute in Umm al Qura University. Then two years later, Sheikh Faruq graduated from the Arabic Language Institute with an excellent grade average and was also accepted into the College of Dawah and Usool Ad Deen to study his undergraduate degree (Bachelors), in which he specialized in Quranic studies and Hadith sciences. After finishing the Bachelor’s degree program in 2011 with high grades he went on to pursue his Master’s degree in Hadith Sciences upon which he completed his Master’s degree with a 97% grade in July 2015. Then by the will and grace of Allah, Sheikh Faruq was accepted to be a candidate for the Ph.D. program in Hadith Sciences as well. Sheikh Faruq is the first American to be selected as a Ph.D. student at Umm al Qura University.


    From the time Sheikh Faruq went to Makkah to study in the university, he was very eager to attend the lectures of many of the scholars in Makkah in the Masjid al-Haraam as well as the outskirts of Makkah. He was also blessed to meet many other scholars who visited Makkah during the Hajj season. From Faruq's most prominent scholars are: Sheikh Wasiullah ibn Muhammad Abaas from India who is a professor at Umm al Qura as well as a teacher in the Masjid al-Haram in Makkah. He also studied with Sheikh Muhammad Ali Adam Al Ethiopee for over 8 years and benefitted from him greatly. He also studied with the noble Sheikh and scholar of the Hanbali madhaab of his time Sheikh Abdullah ibn Abdul Aziz ibn Aqeel, and Faruq was blessed with memorizing and reading to him many books such as Nawawi's forty hadith, Usool ath Thalatha, Qawa'id al Arbah, Usool us Sunnah, Manhaj as Salikeen, Umdatul Ahkaam, and many other books.

    Sheikh Faruq also studied with many of the major scholars of Saudi Arabia in the summer such as Sheikh Salih al Fawzan, Sheikh Sai'd Ash Shithree, Sheikh Abdullah Al Gudayaan, the Mufti of Saudia Arabia Sheikh Abdul Aziz Aal Sheikh, Sheikh Abdur Rahman As Sudais, Sheikh Salih Al Luhyadaan.


    He also benefitted from many of the scholars of Madinah such as Sheikh Abdul Muhsin Al Abaad, Sheikh Naasir Al Faqeehee, Sheikh Salih As Suhaymee, Sheikh Ibrahim ar Ruhaylee, Sheikh Sulayman ar Ruhaylee, Sheikh Ali Al Huthayfee, and others as well.


    During the hajj season, he met numerous scholars from Jordan from amongst the students of Sheikh Muhammad Naasir Ad Deen al Albaani, from them Sheikh Ali Hasan Al Halabi, Sheikh Mashoor Hasan al Salman, Sheikh Saleem al Hilalee and others.


    He also met with many scholars from India and Pakistan such as Sheikh Irshad al Haqq al Atharee, Sheikh Ahmed Shagif Abu Ashbaal, Sheikh Uzayr Shams and many other scholars from Pakistan.

    Sheikh Faruq has spoken at numerous religious conferences and seminars at colleges, universities, and masajid throughout the USA.

    Sheikh Faruq has also authored some books which have been printed and can also be found online:

    1. The Moderate Religion which explains how Islam is the moderate religion and not an extremist religion, and how Islam is the moderate religion in its beliefs...etc...

    2. Best Women on the Face of the Earth, an explanation of how the Muslim woman is the best woman on the face of the earth if she is practicing Islam.

    3. Al Itibaa and the Jurisprudence Principles of the Righteous predecessors, translation of one of the great

    Indian scholars books.

    4. Thirty Hadith for Beginners

    5. Guidance for All of Humanity

    6. The Missing Links


    Faruq believes that Harrisburg and Masjid Al-Sabereen, in particular, has tremendous potential for growth, development, and expansion-spiritually, physically and mentally. Shaikh Faruq Joined Masjid Al-Sabereen as an Imam on September 2018. 

    Sheikh Faruq is also the founder of a dynamic innovative non-profit ‘dawah’ organization called: Islamic Ministries and Community Development which focuses on sharing the light of Islam with non-Muslims.