Past Announcement      Published: Thu, Dec 14, 2017

Series of lectures by Sheikh Musah Saleh at Masjid Al-Sabereen

As'Salaamu Alaiykum -

Here is the schedule of our visiting Sheikh Musah Saleh at Masjid Al-Sabereen, from Friday, Dec 15 till Sunday, Dec 17.

Friday, Dec 15
- Jumuah Khutbah
- After Maghrib: Special program for children and youth. Short Halaqa followed by pizza and snacks, and social time

Saturday, Dec 16
- After Fajr: Khatirah
- After Maghrib: Halaqa

Sunday, Dec 17
- After Fajr: Khatirah

Please plan to make use of these sessions to learn from the Sheikh, insha'Allah.


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