Past Announcement      Published: Thu, Feb 8, 2018

Series of Lectures by our guest Dr. Tamer Ramdan

This weekend inshAllah, please attend and share your opinion.
Dr. Tamer Ramadan is on the short list for our Imam position.

Imam Dr. Tamer Ramadan was born and raised in Egypt. He finished his memorization of the Quran at the age of 11. He went to the most prestigious Islamic university, Al-Azhar University, and acquired his bachelors in Islamic Studies. He also holds a masters and Ph.D. in Arabic language and literature.
Imam Ramadan has one of the highest Ijaza (certificate) in recitation and memorization of the Quran.
He has written many articles on Islamic issues that were published in different Islamic websites and magazines. Imam Ramadan has been living in the US and working as Imam and religious director of many Islamic organizations for more than thirteen years. He has a good command of English in addition to his mother tongue, Arabic. Imam Ramadan has acquired a good understanding of the dynamics of Islamic work in America and the issues that face Muslims who are living in the west.

You can see some of his lectures here:


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