Past Announcement      Published: Fri, Dec 17, 2021

School Announcement

*School Announcement*

Alsalam alaykum,

The school is pleased to inform you that the first day of the school will be *Saturday Saturday 9/18*. If you didn't enroll your child yet please do as soon as possible using this link:

As announced before, we have combined both Evening and Weekend programs to one Online program to keep our kids safe and to prevent any health issues that can interfere with the masjid activities. We will re-evaluate the situation later this year and inform you if anything will be changed.

Enrolled parents were added to separate groups for further communication.
You can pickup your books and pay the school fees *this Friday after Jumaah and after Magrib* or by appointment with the brothers below.

Books - Brother Said Lymani (717) 623-0092
Technical Support- Brother Mounkaila (717) 510-3744
School Fees - Brother Said Zargani (717) 571-3512
Financial assistance - Brother Alyas (717) 350-3178
General School issues- Imam Rawaa Hussain (585) 203-7122
Any other issues - br. Mohamed Ibrahim (717) 380-9425

*Al-Sabereen School*


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