Announcement      Published: Sun, Apr 19, 2020

Last Day of 1441 Academic Year

Alslalam alaykum wa rahamt Allah,

Today is the last day of school Alhamdulelah. It is unfortunate that it's ended with no competition this year, but we were pleased that many classes kept running remotely to finish the curriculum.

We want to take the time to thank all the teachers, parents, students, and the community in general for making 1441 academic year, another successful year. This year we had 2784 hours of education from September till today, we had about 190 registered students in both programs, we had 16 great teachers plus number of backups and volunteers Alhamdulelah.

May Allah keep everybody safe and help us meet again in His house for 1442 academic year. Please remember our teachers specially in your dua'a as no words can be said to thank them for the efforts they put in this program.
Jazakom Allah kairan



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