Announcement      Published: Mon, May 22, 2023

Election Results - Executive Board 23-26

AssalamuAlikum WRWB, here is the final result announced by election committee.
The election committee received eleven (11) nomination forms before Ishaa Athan on March 20, 2023.
After careful verification of the nomination forms by the current Executive Board and by the Election Committee, two of the nomination forms were disqualified by the Secretary as they did not serve one year in a standing Committee as required by Article V1:1 of the Islamic Center By-laws.

Therefore, the following nine (9) nominees were unopposed and unanimously elected to the Board of Executives for a three (3) year term.

1. Br. Abdul Quadri Adeseun
2. Br. Alifa A. Sallah
3. Br. Ibrahim Moussa
4. Br. Mamoun Abu-Ayyad
5. Br. Mohamed Ibrahim
6. Br. Mohammed Siraj
7. Br. Mounkaila Ide Magagi
8. Br. Said Lyamani
9. Br. Said Zourgani

The Election Committee wishes the best to the newly elected members and sincerely thank the Board of Executives for their trust in the Election Committee and to serve Masjid Al-Sabereen.

If you have any questions related to the outcome of this election, please do not hesitate to contact the brothers in the election committee. JazakumuAllahu Khairan

Election Committee:
Br Omar Syed (Chair),
Br Shah Sawar,
Br Asghar Rizwan,

Also, on Sunday, May 21, the new Executive Board had their first meeting and selected the following three officers.
Br. Mohamed Ibrahim, President
Br. Mamoun Abu Ayyad, Secretary
Br. Said Zourgani, Treasurer

Election Committee


Askar Hussain     Tue, May 23, 2023 4:02 pm

Mabrook to the new team, Māsha'Allāh!