Announcement      Published: Sun, Mar 5, 2023

Election Committee and Important Dates

Dear Residents Participants of Islamic Center Masjid Al-Sabereen. We are pleased to inform you that the next election for the Exclusive Board is set to be May 7th, 2023 Sunday after Asr prayer Insh'Allah.

The nomination is now open for those who wish to run for Executive Baord. The deadline to submit your nomination form is March 20th by Ishaa Adnan.

Nomination forms and any other questions regarding the election should be directed to the Election Committee. Please do not contact any current Board member.

Election Committee:
Omar Syed - Chair
Asgar Rizwan - Committee Member
Shah Sawar - Committee Member

Residents Participants will receive further details privately. The list of the Residents Participants has been published on the announcement TV at the Masjid entrance.


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